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Vegigel Vegetarian Gelatine 100 pcs 185g

  • $35.90

Halal | Vegan

The practical advantages of our leaf gelatin have been appreciated by both amateur and professional chefs for decades. Now, with our world's first vegan gelling agent in leaf form VEGIGEL® , the successful preparation of vegetable-only products has become just as easy. Unclear information such as "one teaspoon" or complicated conversions of different powder solutions are a thing of the past. Each leaf has a precisely defined gelling power – which makes getting the dosage right child's play.   

Our agar-agar-leaf is made from red algae and is both tasteless and odourless in the end product. Not only suitable for vegan and vegetarian variants, it’s also ideal for use in very warm regions because, even at hot temperatures, agar-agar remains stable for a long time. Whether for Panna Cotta, Mousse au Chocolat or a wide variety of other popular products, easy handling and flawless results are guaranteed with our agar-agar-leaf VEGIGEL® .

HOW TO USE: One sheet is enough to set 500 ml of liquid. Place the agar sheet into the liquid just before it comes to a boil and then boil rapidly while constantly stirring until the sheet has fully dissolved. For COLD DISHES, allow the liquid to cool for a short time and then quickly mix in the cold components in two portions one after the other. Allow the dishes to cool for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator.

INGREDIENTS: 90 % agar gelling agent (E406), glycerol stabilising agent (E422).